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    If you watch porn regularly, then you probably know about the incest section, where moms fuck their sons, dads fuck their daughters, brothers fuck their sisters, uncles fuck their nieces, and…aunts fuck their nephews. All the porn videos and sex stories I had seen and read involving specifically aunts and nephews were running rapidly through my mind, creating perverted scenarios that could result from my catching Aunt Jennifer and Maria in a 69. It was just that the scenarios in porn videos or sex stories were a lot of times the young man or boy catching the aunt or older woman doing something sexual and the older woman goes to talk to the boy and they end up having sex, or the other way around. I wasn’t sure if it could actually happen but I was pretty excited for some reason. I didn’t know if it was from my activity earlier that day or the fact that I, being a hormone raging teenager, was just really, really horny, but it was for some reason making my manhood stand erect as I lay in my bed panting.

    “Did I really just see that?” I thought to myself. “Was Aunt Jennifer really lesbian?” I couldn’t believe what I had seen and I dwelt on that for a whole five minutes, just thinking about Aunt Jennifer’s beautiful, slim, mature body and her tantalizing full D boobs and Maria’s attractively thin, sexy, Latina body and her also large D size boobs, swinging from her model build as she crawled on top of my aunt and ate her pussy out. It was so unreal and porn-like that I almost decided to forget about it when there was a soft knock on my door, awaking me from my erotic daydream.

    “Y-yes,” I asked nervously.

    “It’s me, Aunt Jennifer. Can I…can I come in?” she said just as nervously.

    I gulped, took a deep breath, and replied, “Uh, sure.”

    The door opened and Aunt Jennifer stepped in, fully clothed and looking a bit flushed. She closed the door behind her and just stood there with her arms crossed and looking down. After hesitating for a few seconds she said, “Look Mike, I’m very, very sorry you had to see that, I’m sure I know what you’re thinking, that I’m a perverted lesbian old woman and I’m a disgrace. You probably think of me very differently now, but I understand, what I was doing was pure outright wrong, but I had never meant for anyone to…” she couldn’t bring herself to say the word “catch”. “Discover,” she decided. “Us, especially by no means at all you, but you saw what you saw and there could be a million words I could say to you but I only have one thing to say, and that’s that I am very, very, very…sorry, that you had to see that.” Her voice cracked a little bit and I actually felt sorry for her.

    “Um…its okay Aunt Jennifer, I um…understand. I mean, I’ve done…” I hesitated for a second but drove on. “Similar things,”

    She looked at me and raised an eyebrow. “Really?”

    I gulped and nodded.

    “What…what kind of things?” she prompted.

    My breathing was becoming a little ragged as I faltered in telling her.

    “Come now,” she pushed. “Now that you know what I did, I think that you should tell me yours. I won’t think strangely of you since I’ve done things too. Besides I think you can trust your aunt right, so I think you can tell me.”

    I looked at her and saw something in her blue eyes that I hadn’t seen before, a burning lust and desire, a desire for men, or more specifically, young teenage men.

    Being so horny and knowing that she was too, I went all out and told her everything, I told her about my masturbating to porn and what I did while they were gone. Starting from the party and to that day, I told her about Kazuna and I having sex and taking each other’s virginity, how good it felt and how much I liked her. When I was done, I could tell that Aunt Jennifer looked at me in a different way.

    “Wow,” she breathed. “I never thought you did all of that. I thought you just did the porn and jacking off part, but of course, I’m not ashamed of you, I’m very happy for you, that you have a girlfriend again and you could enjoy the joys of sex.” She paused. “See, I told you that you would have a girlfriend before you left. I didn’t think that you would have sex…that early though.” I could tell that she was implying that I would have sex sometime within the month, and I was a little aroused by that. What really took me by surprise was her next question.

    “How did it feel like?” she asked attentively.

    I raised an eyebrow and looked at her carefully. “Well it felt really…good, like I was in heaven, or more like heaven was centered at…well you know…my groin.”

    She smiled, amused, and then asked, “What did you do?”

    I was confused. “What do you mean? We had sex and that was it.”

    “Did you do any…foreplay?”

    “Foreplay,” I echoed. I knew exactly what it was since I watched porn but I didn’t really want to o it as I didn’t want to stick my face in the place where girls peed and although I wanted to have a blowjob, I wasn’t sure if a girl really like that either.

    “Yes, you know what it is right?”

    “Well yeah I do but I’m not really sure if I want to do it.”

    “So you didn’t do it?”

    I shook my head.

    There was a long awkward silence as Aunt Jennifer thought and I think I knew what she was thinking. The bomb was dropped maybe 30 seconds later when she said the magic words.

    “Do you want to learn?”

    I swear my heart actually stopped right then. I felt really lightheaded and I started to sway. I wanted to say something but my mouth would just not cooperate. My tongue kind of lolled off to the side but eventually I was able to put myself together and say, “W-well uh…um, I d-don’t knew…uh yeah, sure why not.” I laughed as nonchalantly as I could and gulped with butterflies smashing violently in my stomach, nervous about what she was going to do.

    She smiled with both mischief and lust, the normal Aunt Jennifer gone, and said seductively, “Okay then, why don’t you sit right there on your bed.”

    I followed her instructions and sat on the edge of the bed, my hard on pulsing excitedly in the tight confines of my shorts. Aunt Jennifer stood in front of me with her hands on her hips and asked, “Are you ready Mike?”

    Not able to say a word, I just nodded.

    “Are you sure?” she asked, making sure.

    I nodded my head more.

    There was a wicked smile on her face then my aunt began to do something absolutely taboo and erotic. She began to strip for me, first slowly lifting her loose T-shirt over her head and tossing it to the ground, revealing her large boobs under a tight bra. Even under a bra they were the most beautiful thing I had seen. Next she hooked her fingers on her tight jeans and slowly slid them down as she rocked her hips to imaginary music, this time showing her lacy panties. After she tossed her jeans away, she stood sexily (even for my forty year old aunt) with nothing but her underwear on…then began the revealing.

    Aunt Jennifer reached behind her back and unhitched the bra, letting it drop to the ground. Her mega size boobs jiggled erotically as they were uncovered and all I could do was just let my jaw drop open and subconsciously rub my crotch. She appeared to be amused by my juvenile reaction and continued with her strip show, finishing by taking her panties and letting them drop freely down so that she finally stood in all her naked glory. Naked glory that was actually making my cock start to hurt, but she began to approach me, intending to fix that. She knelt down in front of me and I instantly wanted to yank off my pants and pull out my rock hard prick but I was transfixed on her perfect, round tits that just hung there, begging to be touched. I didn’t have to ask though because Aunt Jennifer said to me, “You can touch them you know. They’re size D and I know a boy like you won’t be able to resist that.”

    I agreed and reached out to touch them. I squeezed the soft smooth skin of the plush fun bags and rolled my thumbs over the erect nipples, touching them like I had with Kazuna’s smaller tits. I stopped suddenly when I felt my shorts being unzipped then dropped down to my ankles followed by my boxers, which let out my throbbing cock.

    “Don’t stop dear,” she said as she gently fondled my balls and stroked my shaft.

    With shaking hands, I once again reached down and fumbled with the large tits and flicked her nipples again, which caused her to gasp out softly and stroke my cock faster, much to my delight. I was so caught up with this that I didn’t notice Aunt Jennifer open her mouth and take my whole six inches into it until she was already bobbing her head up and down on my cock like pussy, licking along the side of my shaft as she did so. The feeling was incredible, maybe even better than a vagina but not by very much. The feel of saliva sloshing around my cock, her tongue licking it up like a fat kid licking a lollipop, her mouth sucking the life out of my dick right down to the slightly hairy base, and the taboo fact that my aunt was doing this combined, was like heaven, heaven that was beginning to tingle as I felt precum ooze out slowly before it was licked up hungrily by Aunt Jennifer’s tongue before it even had finished oozing out.

    I watched and continued to play with her tits as she bobbed her head up and down like a piston, her blonde hair flying hectically all over. The sight of her milf face feasting on my teenage cock was really arousing too and I couldn’t help but let out a loud moan as I thought about sticking my horny prick into her dripping mature cunt as she sucked and licked even more pleasurably, which made me let go of her tits and just lay on my back as she did an amazing job or rather blowjob, finally bringing me to a sweet orgasm. I could literally feel my aunt sucking the cum out from deep in my balls to her hungry mouth as it came as it came blissfully up and out my piss hole straight down her gulping throat. When I had finished coming, there was not a drop anywhere except Aunt Jennifer’s lips.

    “How was that Mike?” she asked huskily.

    I had to catch my breath for a moment. “T-that was incredible Aunt Jennifer! I can’t believe how good it felt! It was like you were sucking the life out of—” I was suddenly cut off by her puffy mature lips against mine. I didn’t react at first since I kind of thought it was awkward kissing my aunt but I got into it and kissed back, slipping my tongue into her mouth and did as I had done with Kazuna.

    “Mmm, you’re a good kisser.” Aunt Jennifer mumbled into my mouth, also exploring my mouth with her tongue. After a few minutes of this, Aunt Jennifer broke away from the kiss and looked at me grinning.

    “Okay Mike, now it’s your turn.” She said. She noticed my hesitation and encouraged me, saying, “Don’t worry, I’m pretty sure you’ll like it.” Then she added, “oh yeah, and I don’t think you’ll need this.” She took my shirt off and tossed it into the pile of our clothes. Now that we were both completely naked and I was really horny, I gave in asked her what to do.

    We switched places so that she was sitting on the edge of my bed and I was kneeling in front of her just like she had been, ready to dive in. When she spread her legs open to have complete access to her swollen pussy, I did dive in, attacking the innards of her womanhood. The taste was a little bitter but I didn’t mind at all, it was such a turn-on to suck and lick a pussy and to hear the ecstatic cries of my aunt as I treated her pussy. I continued this teasing of her clit inside of her extremely swollen pussy lips and right down into her fiery cunt, flicking my tongue all over (mostly her clit) and sucked like a vacuum, trying to get all of the juices that were slowly seeping out into my mouth. Even for my first time I thought I was doing pretty good as I brought Aunt Jennifer into an almost squealing, earth shattering orgasm in less than five minutes, her mature womanly cum squirting madly like a fire hose into my mouth. The taste was definitely not my favorite but it really wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Bitter yes, but kind of a bitter sweet, the taste of bitter cum combined with the sweetness of a woman’s juices.

    After she had finished squealing and almost screaming like a teenage girl, she lay on the bed just like I had been, on her back trying to catch her breath from the amazing orgasm she had experienced. I’m pretty sure it was amazing as she had this far off look in her eyes as she started breathing again.

    “Mike! Oh my God!” my aunt exclaimed. “Are you really sure you haven’t done this before?”

    “No, never,” I replied.

    “Well thank you! That was just amazing and that was the best orgasm I had from a boy below twenty, plus it was your first time!” she shook her head in disbelief. “You are incredible…” she trailed off dreamily then suddenly snapped back to reality…and her horniness, and looked me straight in the eye with an almost alien look (which was just her lust) and said firmly, huskily, and seductively, “Fuck me Mike.”

    I was more than happy to comply but I didn’t really know what to do. Yes I had been fucking before with Kazuna but this was with my aunt and it was a little different. But Aunt Jennifer took over and climbed on top of me like a cougar and started wildly and lustfully making out with me as she rubbed her stomach on my cock. It was a little overwhelming having the large naked figure rubbing erotically over me, almost crushing me, but then we switched spots and I was on top of my aunt and her tits were pressed firmly against my chest, tight as could be and the weird feeling of nipples poking me, arousing me more.

    We kept at it with our intense kissing groping until I felt a warm hand guide my throbbing cock into the entrance of the shaved, nubile, swollen pussy of my Aunt Jennifer and I paused in the kissing for a moment to watch it enter it with a squishing sound of our sex juices. Again the feeling was incredible as I slammed excitedly onto Aunt Jennifer’s pelvis and made out with her. Pretty soon, after humping and banging her for a short five or six minute, I began to feel the point of no return coming and I moaned into her.

    “Oh Aunt Jennifer, I’m c-c-coming!”

    She thrust upwards as she grunted with rapture. “Come in me Dear; fill me with your fucking horny teenage spunk!”

    Those words were too much and I came nice and hard into my aunt. At the same time, she came too, jerking a few times until she groaned, satisfied…but not satisfied enough. Only maybe a minute later she climbed from under me and went on all fours.

    “Why don’t you try it from behind?” she asked me.

    “But I’m still soft.” I informed her.

    She laughed and said, “Just put it in Mike, it’ll come to life once it realizes it’s inside a pussy.”

    I nodded and quickly got up and positioned my dripping dick then attempted to put it in the puffed-up hole. It was difficult but it finally hardened up and I was able to shove it in doggy style. Aunt Jennifer wiggled her ass a little bit and pressed it against my pelvis to get full penetration, and then she began to rock her ass back and forth, encouraging me to start banging her, which I did, really hard that time, making us both almost scream with blissful pleasure. We just kept banging until we both came again after only ten minutes by which by then we were both exhausted and laying down in the spoons position. lesbianebony.com It was like this that we fell asleep, both of us naked and me feeling my aunt’s perfectly nude body up.

    I awoke to the feeling of being entangled with another person and I was confused. It wasn’t until I discovered that we were both naked that I remembered last night and I didn’t know what to think. Should I have been ashamed about having sex with my aunt or should I have proud (like most of my friends would probably be)?

    I separated myself from Aunt Jennifer and studied her beautiful, thin, milf figure as I thought for a moment then concluded that I wasn’t ashamed, but she began to stir and her reaction almost changed my mind.

    Aunt Jennifer shifted her weight toward me and made sounds of waking up, then opened her eyes slowly, trying to process what was in front of her.

    “Mark?” she said. “What the hell are you doing in my—” she stopped when she remembered our session that night. “Oh…my…God Mark,” she whispered with regret. “I can’t believe what I’ve done. No, no, no! I’m so sorry, I don’t know what came over me, it’s just that…I couldn’t resist the temptation, but I shouldn’t have taken advantage of you like that, I-I—”

    She was suddenly cut off by the gut wrenching sound of the door being opened. We snapped our heads to the door in horror and saw Maria standing there with an expression of shock but not entirely surprised, like she knew something was going to happen.

    “Jennifer…” she said. “Did you just…”

    “I know I said I was only going to talk but I couldn’t resist, the temptation was too much, now I could go to jail for being such a disgraceful pedophile.” Her voice cracked slightly, reminding me of when she was talking to me the night before.

    “I don’t know Jennifer,” Maria said, eyeing the outline of my hard cock under the thin sheets. “I wouldn’t blame you. It does look hard to resist.” She stepped into the room and closed the door and I could see where she wanted to go, which excited me greatly, being able to fuck a crazy hot 22 year old Latina with perfect DD size boobs.

    “You know Jennifer,” Maria continued. “If I had done it, wouldn’t be ashamed at all. I don’t think you should be ashamed.”

    “But I could get arrested or something…and more importantly, it’s incest.” Aunt Jennifer argued.

    Maria almost laughed. “Who cares if it’s incest as long as it’s consensual, and if it’s consensual nobody will tell the police, right?”

    She nodded. “But what if it wasn’t consensual?” Both women looked at me.

    I would have been an idiot and a liar to say it wasn’t so I just cracked a smile and said, “I loved it.”

    “See?” Maria insisted. “Now it’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

    Aunt Jennifer shrugged but still looked unsure.

    “I bet seeing this will change your mind.” Without asking me, Maria threw the sheets off of me to expose my bare, hard cock. Both pairs of eyes stared lustfully at it as it pulsed and Maria gasped.

    Aunt Jennifer definitely changed her mind as she gave in and said, “Oh I suppose it doesn’t matter now.” Not being able to control herself any longer, she engulfed my cock in her mouth again and started giving me an even better blowjob than before. I gasped and glanced at Maria who was staring at my cock appearing and disappearing under Aunt Jennifer’s bobbing mouth.

    “You have a beautiful cock Mike.” Maria complimented, not taking her eyes off my hard on.

    “Um, thanks,” I gasped.

    “How long is it?” she asked, still staring.

    “Six and a half inches, almost seven,”

    She then abruptly looked me straight in the eye and asked, “Do you want me to join?”

    My eyes widened and I gulped and nodded. She smiled seductively and stripped her clothes off very quickly, seeing her naked model body for the second time except this time much more up close and personal.

    While Aunt Jennifer was giving me incredible head, Maria cam up onto the bed and sat carefully on my chest so that her majestic, glistening pussy was only a few inches from my drool filled mouth. The womanly slit was so erotic that only Jesus himself would have been able to divert his eyes even for a second. The puffy lips were almost screaming for me to kiss them, and kiss I did. Using my experience with Aunt Jennifer, I expertly snaked my tongue in and out of the slippery tunnel and hugged the outer lips with my lips, causing Maria to shudder uncontrollably and whimper with delight. She scooted up my chest and pressed her wet, hot pussy right up against my whole face, my only choice being to suck, lick, and kiss deeper inside of her cunt and only barely giving me enough space for me to breath. When I did this, Maria began to shudder even more and she even began to hump my face in a fucking motion as she softly cried out my name, which I found quite erotic. All the while, Aunt Jennifer continued to suck and suck like mad on my cock, bringing me to another awesome orgasm, the sexual high causing me to jam my tongue like a jet fueled piston into Maria, also bringing her to an orgasm in which she shivered happily as she moaned until she fell down so that her stomach was above my face. My cock was flaccid and limp but I felt Aunt Jennifer grab it and pump the soft wiener for a minute or so until it erected and was once again a sex inch steel rod, ready for action. She let go and I watched in anticipation as she faced away from me and positioned my prick to her mature cunt. She then dropped her full ass down on my pelvis, filling herself with my dick. After a satisfied sigh, she started bouncing up and down like a sexy cowgirl, sending tingles of pleasure throughout my long rod. I lay back enjoying the good feeling and grunting once in awhile when she really stroked a nerve.

    All the action stirred Maria up again and she moved down my torso until she was back to back with Aunt Jennifer, leaned down, and started intensely making out with me. I of course responded immediately but my brain was going bonkers with excitement of having a threesome with a 40 year old milf who happened to be my aunt ride my cock rapidly cowgirl while a 22 year old super hot Latina college grad made out with me like a lust powered slut, and all of us stark naked. If I told anyone of my friends, they might be willing to pay up to a hundred dollars just to be in my position and experience this utterly blissful heaven. At that moment, I considered myself immensely blessed, and I just took it all in gladly.

    My balls churned as Aunt Jennifer’s pussy tried to milk out my seed as fast as it could. It kept working and working, her cunt squeezing and rippling and her pussy lips kissing, hugging, and trying to suck my dick in, until my stuff finally shot up like Old Faithful into Aunt Jennifer’s pussy for the third time, probably overflowing her with…me.

    Aunt Jennifer had slowed and stopped altogether but Maria kept right on kissing passionately. During this, I felt Aunt Jennifer slide my used and again limp dick out of her and she whispered to Maria that it was hers if I could take one more fuck. I was almost spent but I desperately wanted to fuck Maria so I mustered up all the blood I could and erected my cock for one last fuck. We stopped kissing for a moment for Maria to impale herself with my dick. Once she had mounted, she moaned in approval and went back to kissing as she rode my cock. This fuck was much slower and reminded me of my fuck with Kazuna. We Frenched and groped while we did a steady humping, this much more peaceful fuck lasting almost 15 minutes. We still moaned and grunted and Maria still squealed with ecstasy at our climax but it was really nice and the afterglow really helped my slightly sore dick.

    We were suddenly interrupted by Aunt Jennifer, who had been busy fingering herself as she watched us fuck.

    “I think Julia is awake,” she said. “So we should wrap up.”

    Maria and I reluctantly got up and dressed.

    “Can we do this again?” I asked hopefully.

    The two women looked at each other as they dressed, thinking, and then shrugged, seeing no wrong.

    “Oh what the hell,” Aunt Jennifer said as she attempted to snap on her bra over her large boobs, which I eventually had to help with (getting to mess with her tits in the process). “Sure why not. We all enjoyed it so we should fuck as much as possible.” We all smiled with thoughts of the future. I was certainly excited. Now Kazuna wasn’t the only thing to look forward to over the month, and as I flicked Aunt Jennifer’s nipples, licked her back, and pet Maria’s pussy until she came, I really felt like my life was great.

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