• Allison Dale posted an update 9 months, 1 week ago

    Infomercials, stupid ads, terrible products and useless supplements are here to stay. Just because they’re there doesn’t mean we have obtain them. But it does mean we can (and should) possess a laugh at their expense.

    A research group I started in 2002, the tomorrow’s leaders research group, found that 20 within the world’s major companies were beginning to assess managers simply on their tangible performance, but also on their intangible performance – in other words, their emotional intelligence, their EQ. That being so, every one of us need become more adept at dealing with emotion at work.

    And you need to set the scene; you have to lead method. Leadership is about having the emotional maturity to lead people to increase levels of performance. Whether it’s your job to deliver performance through others, it is your job to create an emotionally mature business office. How emotionally mature are you?

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