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    The lack of hard work I put directly into my hair provides always been a great odd point regarding pride for me. I actually brag to friends and colleagues concerning my $30 haircuts at student beauty parlors and cutting the bangs myself. We’ve used the same products since We were 13: Smooth ‘n Shine Locks Polisher and no matter which frizzy hair mousse is usually available for sale at the particular Duane-Reade (typically, which TRESemme).

    While i commenced seeing frizzy hair “routines” on TikTok earlier this year, We scoffed at typically the teens discovering the magic of diffusers, scrunching wet curls with a T-shirt, as well as the occasional little finger coil? all methods Seems using with regard to years.

    Then, along came the Denman brush

    Brushes within general are a tool that We considered blasphemous, a rebuke of all that is curly. Back in my day (2010), we curly-haired individuals rolled our eyes at those that would tell us all with straight faces and even more attractive hair, “why don’t you just brush it? ” when denman classic styling brush of us complained about unmanageable frizz or tangles.

    “Oh, you mean similar to this? ” many of us would sarcastically respond, showing off brushed, fuzzy lions’ manes that so defied gravity we may call ourselves Elphaba. A brush was not section of our curly hair vocabulary. I haven’t held a brush considering that the ’90s. So who the hell did these kinds of Gen Z tweens think they have been, showing off their routines that involved a thick-handled wash with rows of white teeth?