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    lively in a tropical country makes it a bit difficult for us to pick the right nightgown or pajamas, because if it is too thick, it will make sleeping uncomfortable due to the heat. Therefore, we must be intellectual in choosing the right sleepwear material, and it is in accord to wear. The most common fabric material is cotton. In addition, there are many other types of materials. We have selected 5 types of nightgowns that can be used as choices and of course the most satisfactory for use in tropical countries, such as Indonesia.

    Cotton nightgown The

    weather outdoor can sometimes create the let breathe humid and colder than usual. Therefore, taking into consideration sleeping at night, it is better if we choose to wear pajamas or fine nightgowns and avoid clothes that are more revealing.

    For a satisfying sleep, you can use a type of cotton nightgown. This type of pajama deserves to be included in one of our nightwear collections. Cotton has been used in the past ancient times. Apart from instinctive soft and light, this type of nightgown made of cotton is furthermore breathable , making it easier for freshen to look in the skin.

    In addition, cotton material can moreover charm sweat and create you snooze soundly. This kind of material is no question up to standard for use in tropical countries when Indonesia. However, if we are used to sleeping bearing in mind the AC on, cotton nightgowns are not optimal because they are generally rather thin.

    Considering that one of the properties of cotton nightgowns is breathability , we need to use substitute blanket in addition, because the material that tends to be thin can indeed battle the frosty at night later than normal freshen conditions, but for some nights, it may be colder than additional nights.

    Bamboo cotton nightgown

    When it comes to pleasurable sleepwear, of course, it can’t be estranged from cotton. unconventional variant of this material is the bamboo valve which is currently popular in Indonesia. This fabric is made from bamboo fiber.

    The material of this nightgown is moreover as soft as unidentified cotton, lightweight and breathable . Moreover, bamboo cotton material is afterward considered more natural and antimicrobial . This is what makes it one of the right choices, moreover innate cold afterward used, of course.

    Private Label T-shirts Manufacturer Bangladesh -shirts

    Another sleepwear material is t-shirts. Unlike cotton, shirts glue to the skin surface. Sleepwear increase models that use this material are certainly varied, ranging from pajama trousers, pajama shorts, negligee, etc. Usually the material used is a spandex type shirt, which is pleasant and absorbs sweat even though sleeping.

    Types of nightgowns made from t-shirts tend to be thicker than new materials. But, nevertheless pleasant to use in tropical countries. One of its advantages is that it is immune to let breathe conditioning. This will create sleeping more comfortable. Nightgowns made of t-shirts will follow the involve of the body taking into consideration we move.


    nightgown This type of nightgown is known to be definitely spacious and slippery upon the skin. In addition, this material is along with entirely expensive. Silk nightgowns are often considered a luxury material, which is often worn by the upper class. Silk is a natural protein fiber made from silkworm cocoons.

    Tropical countries when Indonesia are famous for their heat, in view of that this silk material has a be active as a thermoregulator, which gives a frosty and well-ventilated feeling subsequently worn. However, this material can furthermore be used during the rainy season, because it can along with save us warm in the same way as the air is cold.

    Another advantage of silk nightgowns is that this material has hypoallergenic properties , appropriately it will not cause allergic reactions upon the skin. The drawback is that it absorbs moisture from your skin, thus it can’t absorb sweat properly. But this misery usually by yourself arises for those who sweat easily.

    From the types of nightgowns we discussed earlier, this type of material is not all right for everyone, although if worn by a wearer subsequent to the right skin type, it will allow maximum comfort.

    Satin nightgown

    Nightgowns made of satin look shiny, later silk. The difference is, satin material is easier to shrink and forward movement once dipped in warm water. For satin material, you have to manage to pay for other care, because it truly has to be cleaned using the dry tidy method .

    To pick a satin material used for sleeping, pick a material that falls and doesn’t wrinkle easily, and is suitable to use. reach not pick a satin that is skinny and rough. If you choose the wrong one, you will actually acquire a hot satin material. Satin material is commonly used for women’s nightgowns, ranging from pajama models to lingerie.