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    Safety box

    The compartment for security personnel will end up a cushy space, provide protection from the vagaries of your conditions, and is also ideal for relax and consuming. Very easy to prepare with online video surveillance equipment. In addition, the protection pot could be somewhat converted into a checkpoint.

    Benefits associated with a security box

    Flexibility. Easily moves on the car platform if needed.

    Cozy conditions. The insulated compartment using a heater can be used throughout the year.

    Sturdiness. Steel frame with contra–corrosion coating.

    Dimensions. The properties are very ample for organizing an area for rest and work of staff.

    Refueling container

    A compartment filling station can be a service station that was created to refuel autos with water motor gasoline only. The tanks are placed earlier mentioned soil, the fuel dispenser is found in the fuel storage space compartment.

    Pot-variety service stations are mainly accustomed to sell gasoline equally in the area and away from city. Box-type gasoline stations usually are not a money building center, so they usually do not need style, construction and land work.

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