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    Novel– Unrivaled Medicine God – Unrivaled Medicine God

    Chapter 2179 – What Kind of Ant You Are! digestion division

    Section 2179: What type of Ant You Are!

    The atmosphere expanded out in a short time, achieving a length of 5000 legs.

    Both people’s engagement was for instance a strongman plus a kid pus.h.i.+ng each other.

    Ye Yuan laughed loudly and explained, “Lin Changqing, back then, whenever you came to Divine Eagle, you observed me being an ant and asserted that I couldn’t match to Li-er. Nowadays, I’ll allow you to observe that you are just an ant around my vision, and even precisely how effective Li-er’s person is!”

    The atmosphere expanded out rapidly, achieving a distance of 5000 foot.


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    “A thousand years in the future, I will even remove him by puffing out a air. Will there be still a desire to remain competitive?”

    This radius of 5000 ft was drinking water-limited and impregnable. Ye Yuan was the sovereign!

    An ant that originated an imperial area, how could he tackle him, this peerless heaven’s preferred that originated from a Bodhidharma?

    Extended Yuan was trampled underfoot by Ye Yuan, not to mention Lin Changqing?

    “Ye Yuan, get you thought cautiously? If this sword of my own goes down, you’ll pass on!” Lin Changqing mentioned in the solemn voice.

    Whether or not he really wiped out, Divine Emperor Dropped Maple also would not dare to state a lot.

    The aura lengthy out in a short time, achieving a distance of 5000 ft.

    Lin Changqing’s concept evolved wildly, frenziedly urging his society power, attempting to prohibit Ye Yuan’s progression.

    Now, Ye Yuan was already standing up on the very same starting up lines as him!

    Lin Changqing’s gaze switched cold and the man explained inside a cool speech, “Since you are curved on searching for loss of life, I suppose that Li-er won’t blame me sometimes! Bluecloud Truefeather Sword!”

    Having said that, it absolutely was no use whatsoever!

    Lin Changqing’s concept modified extremely, frenziedly urging his entire world power, seeking to hinder Ye Yuan’s development.

    One particular sword unleas.h.i.+ng, three forms of strength of laws interweaved alongside one another, pretty much cutting s.p.a.ce a part.

    Having said that, Ye Yuan still planned to simply let Lin Changqing know that but not only was he, Ye Yuan, deserving of Li-er.

    One more thousand years, what realm would Ye Yuan attain?

    “In this world, I have yet to know that within the exact same get ranked, someone dares to withstand an episode that merged three types of legal guidelines!”

    The two people’s proposal was just like a strongman and also a baby pus.h.i.+ng the other.

    Lin Changqing’s themselves, his eyeb.a.l.l.s even popped out.

    The two people’s engagement was just like a strongman and also a baby pus.h.i.+ng one another.

    Lin Changqing somewhat doubted whether or not his eye acquired problems.

    Zheng Yufeng experienced a empty look, he finally understood what Ye Yuan’s words and phrases as he moved into the mountain suggested.

    The 2000 years deal … was truly laughable!

    … …