• Clay Stender posted an update 4 months ago

    The most popular kind of online girlfriend is the monetary dominatrix. Financial domination is a kind of sexual domination in which the dominant partner (the “dom”) applies control over the submissive’s spending in order to meet their own requirements or desires.

    This can take various kinds, but the most typical is where the dom orders the sub to send them money on a regular basis, or to provide them access to their financial accounts so that they can make withdrawals as they please. The dom might also require the sub to purchase items for them, or to provide them gifts.

    The appeal of financial dominance is the power and control that the dom has over the sub. The sub willingly surrenders their monetary control to the dom, and this can be amazing and highly erotic for both parties. Financial domination can be a way to explore power characteristics and control in a consensual and safe way.

    discover this to begin is by searching online if you’re interested in discovering a monetary dominatrix. There are lots of various sites and forums where you can discover prepared partners. You can also search for monetary supremacy videos and clips on online adult stores.