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    The story of Missy Melons

    by Missy_Melons


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    Posted Sun 15th of January 2012

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    How Missy came to love huge cocks

    Not too long ago, in a village near the coast there was a girl. She was young and pretty, a very slender and petite thing she had round pert little breasts and she had the most beautiful red hair and pale milky white skin.Her name was Salene Napondia, but the boys in the village called her Missy Melons. She hated the name so much. She could not help that she was so thin, her family was poor. She could not help that she had pronounced breasts. They wouldn’t seem so big if she was so thin and if she had clothing that fit better. Her only dress was very tight around the chest area.

    One day she was walking home from her job at the textile factory and one of the local boys she thought was coming across the street right towards her. She was sure that he wasn’t going to talk to her she wasjust someone to make fun of. But He stopped and spoke directly to her. He asked what her name was and she told him, he said his name was Butch Smithson, but she already knew that. After indroductions he asked if she might like to go out on a date with him. She excepted and they planned to meet up in the town square just after six the next night.

    All day long Salene thought of butch, he was so big and tall. He worked in the lumber mill and was quite a brute. She giggled to herself as she thought of his penis. It must be so large, just look at how big the rest of him is.She only had the one dress but she washed it and washed her hair. she wore her nice church shaw, it might be chilly and it was the the nicest thing she owned. She smeared a bit of coal around her eyes and she stained her lips red with some berrys she had found. They were tart but the were oh so red. Salene thought she was looking pretty good for her date with Butch she hoped he would think the same.

    When she walked into the square she could see that he was already there waiting for her. He was wearing his church clothes and he had a handful of daisys for her. He started walking when he saw her and met up with her and handed her the flowers. She thanked him and she looped her arm through his and they walked down the side walk. He took her to eat at the only dinner in town, they hit it off well amd talked alot. When they were done they walked the side walk all the way down to the docks. Holding hands and talking they didnt here the others sneaking up behind them.

    It was a group of men, older then the kids maybe in thier mid twenties or early thirties. The leader started talking to the kids and they stopped dead in their tracks. He told them they were trespassing but the property they were on belonged to rich old man Flinn, and he was on a hunting trip. Which is what they told the gang, but they just used that as helpful information. “So his house in empty yoiu say?” Salene was mortified she couldnt believe they gave up that kind of info. As they were walking up the drive to the house saline got a good look at them when the moonlight hit. The leader looked like he was about 30 or sohe had long black hair and he had a scruffy but handsome face he was just a bit shorter than Butch. He walking with a limp but it didnt look like it was a fresh injury.

    Two of them looked just the same, they were taller than the leader still not as big as Butch, they were really skinny almost as skinny as Salene, with long white hair, and very feminine faces.They reminded Saline of snakes and they were almost lovely to gaze at. The last ruffian was a short guy,he was very muscular not much taller than saline but he was built like a brick shit house. he had a shaved head and he caried a butterfly knife that he kept filpping about.

    Once they reached the house the leader asked if they knew how to get into the house or if there was a hidden key, they didnt know so he just had the twins go around to the back and find a way in. Moments later they were being ushered in the front door by the new home owners, the white twin snakes. The kids were made to sit in the living room being guarded by the rough looking guy with the knife, he has a scar on his face but other then that he isnt bad looking. Saline is thinking to herselft that aside from being kidnaped she is surrouned buy five gorgeous men. The leader popped back into view and told them he found the perfect place.

    The kids were ushered down a hall and up some stairs to a room that must be for working out in there were just cushiony mats on the floor and big fluffy pillows every where. The walls were liked with mirrors. Right away both of the kids were made to strip down to nothing. One of the guys mummbled something and the leader yelled “speak up” and one of the twins repeated that he agreed with the nick name Saline had of ‘Missy Melons’. He had heard of her froma friend of his and she was a one of a kind looking girl, Standing there naked she was so tiny and pale compaired to the hearty mountain men. Butch however was still the biggest form in the room and he stood the covering his manhood with his giant hands. The leader poke at his hands and made him move them out of the way. Slaine had never seen a penis up this close that wasnt a baby getting a diaper changed. His penis was long and it hung down with a heavyness you could see. The leader started commenting on its size and Butch turned red. They forced him down on a chair and they tied him down to it, commenting that he could do some damage if he gets angry.

    After he was tied down the four men turned thier attentions to Saline. Calling her Missy they all touched her and fondled her. She stood there still on the spot not knwing what else to do. She didnt want to die for Butch to get hurt. She would try to just cooperate and pretend like she is having a good time, she even tried to smile. They liked that and started to tweek her tiny nipple and then to her surprise one of the snake twins had let his hand wander between her legs. The fingered traced the edges of her almost hairless pussy lips. she tensed up but they all started rubbing her and stroking her. Just as she was calming down she felt a slender snake finger slither into her virgin pussy and she jumped and screamed. The snake man told his boos that she was a virgin and he just leaped with joy. He told her he would have to see what he could do about that.

    The boss started taking off his clothing ans she could see that he had a fit body he had a hairy chest and when she saw his penis she nearly fainted, this was the first time seeing one errect. And his was something to behold. His girth was fairly average but his length was an amazing 11 inches longhe rubbed it and pulled and his balls, then he approched Saline. he had the twins hold her steady and he ran his fingers over her pussy, her stopped on her clit and flicked it a few times, she was imediately flooded with juices. And he knew it. He Slipped his index finger into her pussy. She was tight, she gripped his finger hard in a convulcing manner. He work it in and out until he got to her hymen, Then he added a second finger, this made her cry out and her knees started to go weak. But it felt good so she tried to hold herself up. He he fucked her with his fingers and he rubbed her clit with his thumb with his other hand her readied his long cock. He rubbed it with some tea tree oil, this would make it slick and numb everyone so they can last longer. standing infront of her he pulled his fingers away and snaked his long cock into place and then he grabbed her by the ass and shoved his cock in all the way up to her hymen. Then he just held still while she moaned in pain and joy. she was strtched wider then she had ever been before and she was having her first real orgasm. she jerked around and her knees buckled, so that the twins where all that was holding her up.

    The twins picked her up and help her in place for thier boss to pump his cock into her, he pushed harder and deeper looked right into her eyes and ripped through her hymen. Once he was through, she was screaming and so was Butch when he realized what was happening. He just started pumping into her quicker and deeper, she screamed with every thrust but after a few moments she started trying to grind against him, the twin let her down and she stood infront of him with her arms held steady swishing her hips with the thrussst come from his long cock twisting deep into her. She was really riding his cock now, He just stood still and she jerked her hip back and forth so that his cock was gliding into and out and a pretty good rate. The angle they were standing was making her clit grind againt his shaft. He wantedto stop her before she came again so he pulled out to let her cool off.

    Thats when he got the bright idea to not allow her to cum. So he told the twins to lift her off the ground. He had to take control away from her. her rubbed his cock and then had the twins lower her down on his cock, then they fucked her up and down on his cock until he came in her. He pushed so deep when her came she loved the feeling. But she didnt cum yet. analnyfisting.com The leader walked over to a big pillow and sat to rest. Next the short guy with the scar came over to her. the twin had let her stand on her own again but they where mostly hold her up. she was so horney and her legs quivered and her pussy ached to cum. she hung there kinda of humping the air when he dropped his pants and started to rub his dick with one hand and he rubbed her pussy with the other. He was a bit wider then his boss but she wanted it bad, he just held his cock steady and she impailed herself and then stood there to get used to it. With no warning he started fucking he hard and fast, he held he hips tight and fucked her deep. she was screaming and crying. Then he came and walked away quickly.

    She stood there cum dripping out of her but not hers. She wanted to cum but they wouldnt let her. She wondered what wouldnt happen next and she found out fast. The twins took off thier clothes one at a time. they where tragicly thin. One got infront of her and one got behind her. They had then cocks, thinner than their boss. She wonder what they were doing but she firgured that out fast too. they both slammed their cocks into her pussy at the same time, lifting her off the ground. They pistoned back and forth for a bit but when they wanted to come, they fucked into her in perfect unisen. when they came she shieked as they pushed the deepest into her yet. When they were done the leader came back over and tied her arms behind her back. she laid on the floor writhing and humping the air.

    Then the gang got a really neato idea. Everyone had noticed by now that Butch had gotten a hard on and that he had a huge cock it was 10 inches long and as big around as her wrist. The head was as big as a small apple. He took Salene over to him and forced he to straddle his cock so that it was pointed right at her pussy. She was so mad with the desire to come she didnt even notice the size. Butch tried to tell her to stop and that she didnt know what she was doing. But she just started sliding her soaking wet pussy all over his head which got very slimey and slick from the other mens cum. she started to go weak when she rubbed her clip on his cock and she slipped down an stuck herself on his dick. She froze in place her pussy stretch to it max if not way more. she didnt know what to do but her legs where giving out and she was sliding down more. she just cried and wimpered and Butch stared to jerk and roll his hips. he was in heaven. The short guy came over to them an cut Butch loose. stood straid up hold Salene on his cock by her arms and thier bindinbs.He fucked into her hard and deep. He grunted and fucked her harder then any of the others had. She scream and whailed and cried out. The gang thought this was just too funny. The watch as he her date brutilized her sweet tight pussy. She began to rock her hips in motion with his and she started to convulse into a fit of orgasms. He couldnt help but to come with the way her body and her pussy quivered and pumped and squised at his cock. she was to tight its was like she was milking his cock.

    After that night she went home and never told anyone anything but after that she always went by Missy Melons and always craved Huge cocks but she didnt want anyone to know……..