• Pallesen Norwood نشر تحديثا منذ 5 شهر, 1 week

    I woke up this morning with a very nice cock sleeping beside me. To wake him up I started sucking his cock, feeling it getting hard and filling my mouth with the warm delishious taste of cock. I knew he was awake when his hands started pushing my head harder onto his cock, shoving his cock head deep into the back of my throat. It didn’t take long for him to cum in my mouth, tasting the warm cum on my tongue before swollowing it.

    Since it was a weekend and we didn’t have to work, he asked me what I would like to do today. I told him I would think on it and give him an answer at breakfast. So we showered and dressed, and I fixed us a quick breakfast.

    While eating, I asked if we could do anything I wanted today. He said yes, of coares. So I asked him again, anything? and you will do it with me? He just smiled and replied, anything to you or with you. What do you have in mind you little cum slut?

    You’ll see, just finish your breakfast while I change. I selected a pair of black knee high boots, black mini skirt, no panties or bra, and one of his white shirts that I tied at my waist intead of buttoning, so it would show off my nice titties.

    I directed him to drive to the part of town where the porn shops rent movies. this The first one we came to had some preview booths in the back, so we went back to check them out, but there were no Glory Holes in the walls so we left and walked up the street to the next block.

    The next shop had about 6 men looking at the pron titles as we walked in. So I just went over and bent over at the waist to reach the movies on the bottom row. Of coarse this had my mini skirt up over my ass, and since I wasn’t wearing any panties my cunt was in full view. When I stood up streaght I could see some of the men watching me, so I smiled at them while I held the porn movie in one hand and cupped a breast with the other. This was having the desired effect as their cocks were getting visibly hard.

    So we took the movie to the desk and and told the clerk that we wanted to preview it in a booth. We paid our fee for this and started back as the clerk started the movie going. 4 of the men followed us back to the booths, and sure enough, these had Glory Holes in the walls.

    I sat in the single chair in the little room, with my shirt completly opem now exposing my breasts. My legs were open and I fingured my wet cunt as the movie played. My friend stood beside me with his cock rubbing my cheek. I could see someones eye looking at us through the hole in the wall. It didn’t take long before a cock was sticking through the hole and I was on my knees sucking it.

    With both hands flat on the wall on either side of the hole, my mouth sucking that wonderful cock into my mouth. Feeling the hard cock sliding over my tongue, out to the tip with my lips kissing the head of his cock, then down the length of his cock shaft untill my lips were buried into the hairy end of his cock.

    I continued sucking his cock for only a few minutes when he cam inside my mouth. Some very tasty cum indeed. His cock was replaced by another almost immediatly and I wasted no time taking it into my waiting mouth. Moving my lips up and down his shaft, making it wet with my freshly cum drenched mouth.

    I love nothing better than the feel of a hard cock moving in and out of my cum hungry mouth, unless it is the cum that eventually fills my mouth. I took a second to look over to my right, and sure enough he was standing there with cock in hand jerking off. I just told him don’t you dare cum yet, I want yours last, after I have sucked off all the cocks that come through that hole while the movie plays.

    With that I went back to sucking cock. Tasting hard cock in my mouth, feeling it sliding deep into the back of my mouth, breathing and smelling masculine sweat as these guys fucked my face, one after another. Someone must have called his friends because there was no shortage of hard cocks for me to suck.

    By the time to movie was over there hadn’t been a fresh cock for abour 15 minutes, so I took my friends cock into my mouth and finished him off, which didn’t take long. He must really have been turned on watching me suck all those cocks because he came almost immediatly. I just licked my lips and thanked him for the good time, and told him that he really knew how to show a cum slut to a dood time.

    When we left the booth and walked by the front desk I asked the clerk if he enjoyed himself too. He told me that he didn’t because he couldn’t leave the store unattended. He looked so sad standing there, without saying a word I walked around the counter and dropped to my knees and pulled his cock out. Before taking it into my mouth I looked up into his eyes, then slid it all the way into my mouth, deep and hard several times. I then quicqly stood up and turned around and bent over and guided his cock into my cunt. He grabbed my hips and fucked me very hard, shoving his cock deep into my wet cunt. When he came it was inside my cunt and I could feel his cock as it pumped his cum into me. When he was drained I stood up and faced him, cupping my hand between my legs, catching as much cum as I could. I then showed it to him as I licked his cum from my hand.

    He told me to come back anytime, and the next time the movie and booth would be free. Now why am I not suprised at that?

    I hope you liked my story, as I like Glory Hole cock sucking and do it when ever I have the chance, which is at least once a week.

    Love and Kisses . . . (on your cock of coarse) Sandi