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    Last month’s edition of Footprints and Monuments illustrated a parallel between leadership in the face of disaster as well as the voyage of the Apollo 13. As you will remember, an explosion on board forced the crew to circle the moon without ever landing on their prized target. Obviously, they didn’t have the preferred ending to their trip in outerspace. But they did get home alive, and were happy about that.

    Recently wonderful . known that traditional paraffin wax candles pose potentially harmful effects to those that suck in the toxins they make. This as well as other realities have led many to search for more healthful candles and also has led them to locate the benefits regarding natural soy candles.

    If, however, you set a goal to double your income in three years, you need to start believe differently for doing that. And you’ll also have to stop doing something you’re currently doing to reach this preferred Future. While you look at the obstacles in the path for this Preferred Future, you’ll know that these obstacles are actually the action steps you’ll want to implement to reach your hope.

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