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    Fallen Footwear was started by pro skater, Jamie Thomas,A.K.A., “The Chief,” in 2004. Fallen was, at first, to be a partnership between Thomas and DC Shoes. But when DC was acquired by Quick Silver, in late 2004, Thomas decided to flex the project to his company, Black Box Distribution.

    The colors range from simple to bright. The classic Van Era remains the top-selling pair to can be focused on. For men, these lace-up skate Tony Hawks shoes are very relaxing. They feature a padded collar, a gum rubber outsole, and Die-cut insert. Vehicles look best on skateboarders, they could be worn casually as everyday shoes as well.

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    Finally, on line and verify that you can be the board cheaper compared to your local shop. Ensure to take into consideration the shipping and handling charges prior to making your final decision. Remember, be patient, ask a bunch of questions, and only buy a board you comfortable during.