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    South Korea’s quick economic advancement has meant some startling changes within its conventional social structure, including the rise of so-called host bars, where rich women pay the equivalent of thousands of dollars for male firm.

    In the dark light of a basement, a dozen perfectly brushed boys kneel in rows, calling out their names.

    Muscle, with shiny boy-band hairdos, they stuff alongside right into the narrow space, awaiting us to make our option. Outdoors in the hallway, even more of their coworkers are getting here for another evening at the workplace. It is 2am, and we are their first customers.

    Hidden below the sidewalks of Seoul’s ritziest postcode, Gangnam, the males at Bar 123 are component of a growing sector, which grew out of the lengthy traditions of Japanese geisha and also Korea’s kisaeng residences but with one vital distinction – the consumers below are all ladies.

    Understood as “host bars”, these all-night alcohol consumption spaces provide women consumers the chance to pick and pay for male buddies, in some cases at a price of thousands of extra pounds an evening.

    One of the females I satisfy at Bar 123 is Minkyoung, a waitressing supervisor for a five-star resort. When or two times a month, she states she comes to host bars.

    Minkyoung is really quite and also her clothing are immaculate. She does not look like someone who would need to pay for male firm. The appeal of host bars can be refined. Below, she says, she has even more attention from her male buddies, more selection and also, crucially, more control.


    ” In regular bars the men who consume with me have only one goal – to have an one-night stand. I do not want that, so that’s why I come here, I want to have enjoyable,” she says.

    Hosts are worked with by bars like this one to provide companionship and home entertainment. Formally that implies putting beverages for their consumers, dancing and talking with them, and singing karaoke.

    Host bar in Seoul

    Sex is not officially on offer in most host bars. 분당룸 That would be prohibited however also Minkyoung appears pleased to touch and also tease with her host, and the men below estimate that around half the clients desire to spend for sex, either on or off the properties.

    James has been operating at Bar 123 for a number of years. In Korean culture, he says, there is a great deal of pride as well as working out a price for sex is never done explicitly. Instead, he informs me, it is all to the host’s own assessment.

    ” The guys right here are pros – we understand what we’re doing,” he states.

    ” After speaking to a lady for an hour we basically know just how much cash she makes and what she does for a living. We’ve already evaluated her personality and what she’s eager to offer.”

    James and also various other hosts claim their customers include a few of South Korea’s elite, as well as that the cash and also perks available boggle the mind. One client James satisfied, throughout his initial week in the job, asked him to authorize himself over to her for 2 years.

    ” She claimed ‘allow’s make a contract. I’ve obtained this item of paper and I’ve numbered it 1-5. Whatever you document beside those numbers, I’ll get you.'”.

    James claims at the time he took it as a joke yet since figured out the exact same lady spent ₤ 60,000 ($ 97,000) on an additional host.

    ” If it happened currently, I ‘d do it – I would certainly be thinking straight.”.

    Actually perhaps, host bars outgrew among Korea’s most established and also, some claim, misogynist company practices – the room beauty salon. These are personal drinking rooms where groups of men select, as well as are served by, appealing women hostesses.

    It was the hostesses’ requirement to allow off vapor after work, claims veteran host Kim Dong-hee, that produced the preliminary need for host bars, with all-male personnel.

    ” What these hostesses desire is to [make us] do the same thing they had to perform in their very own work environment. These girls are compelled to do points they don’t wish to provide for money.

    ” I think a lot of them are in pain, and also a whole lot feel lonely. Merely placed, they desire to get our time and our bodies.”.

    People hosting still comprise a big portion of the clients at host bars below, yet at Bar 123, for instance, up to 40% of the consumers on a provided night are currently from various other walks of life.

    The factors for that expanding charm are locked up in South Korea’s fast financial rise. Within 50 years, the nation moved from post-war destruction to OECD member.

    Yet, according to Jasper Kim, head of the Asia-Pacific Global Research Group in Seoul, something crucial was lost in the process.

    ” I think that with all this quick growth comes fast modification, and Koreans just do not know exactly how to handle it. Increasingly, commercialism is overtaking basic societal norms that you would certainly expect a number of years back.”.

    Jasper Kim claims South Korea’s notoriously long working hours have actually left numerous Korean women really feeling lonesome, while the nation’s technological breakthrough has left lots of people feeling separated.

    ” The human element of Korean culture that existed previously merely does not exist today. Individuals are focused on innovation, people are focused on their jobs, they aren’t concentrated on human relations anymore.

    ” In numerous ways, Korean culture today type of reminds me of 1960s society in the United States, where it’s on the brink of some kind of cultural revolution.”.

    The grandfather of Seoul’s host bar scene, Kim Dong-hee, agrees that numerous of the ladies that pertain to host bars are not spending for sex however for companionship, which is why he opened up a brand-new chain of freshly-marketed electrical outlets focused on the mainstream market – called Red Model Bars.

    Red Model Bar hosts.

    Photo caption,.

    Hosts at Red Model Bars can not touch customers.

    ” Men wish to have aesthetic pleasure and also desire to feel points, they’re tactile. Women like to chat as well as to listen. Which’s why I believed of opening a bar such as this – a type of discussion bar.”.

    Red Model Bars are different to conventional host bars in one crucial regard – there is a no-touching regulation. Hosts remain on one side of the table, customers on the various other, and also no physical call is permitted, and also certainly no sex.

    Perhaps because of this there is a lack of furtiveness amongst individuals who work or consume alcohol below – the lights are reduced, the design mostly dark red as well as the area is split right into very discreet booths, but it is an open-plan room as well as customers and also hosts are split in each booth by a huge table.

    This brand-new organization design depends completely on women paying the matching of hundreds or perhaps hundreds of dollars to speak to fine-looking young men over a drink. Still, it appears to be working – 3 brand-new branches are due to open this year.

    Resting at a table at one end of the bar was among their routine clients, a flower designer called Kim Nayu. She informs me she comes right here everyday to fulfill her preferred host and also talk about problems she is contending job.

    The cost for this piece of male interest is $487-650 (₤ 300-400) a day.

    ” Talking to friends would certainly be less costly” she confesses, “yet they don’t listen as much. They’re busy, and also in a hurry to talk regarding themselves. Right here, people will certainly take notice of me and also they’ll pay attention to me.”.

    ” I invest a great deal of money however it deserves it wherefore I obtain mentally. People pay to go to see a psychologist or psychiatrist, so it’s similar however much less difficult.”.

    Nayu’s favorite host Sung-il claims it can be hard to keep his personal as well as specialist life separate.

    ” Honestly I ‘d be lying if I say I have not been attracted to take points further with some clients, because we’re human, we’re males, however there are rules.”.

    One of his clients talked a lot to her husband about him as well as when the three of them satisfied, Sung-il and also the husband came to be buddies.

    ” No one conceals – the workers do not hide that they function below, and also customers can be open as well.”.

    This openness is positioning a brand-new sort of obstacle to South Korean culture, different from the in some cases seedy abyss of conventional host bars as well as their hinterland of male prostitution.

    By offering women a “commendable” means to test conventional sex functions as well as bend their financial power, these new bars ask concerns of Korean culture that are becoming more difficult to disregard.

    Hear the full report on BBC Radio 4’s Crossing Continents. You can pay attention via the Radio 4 web site or using the Crossing Continents podcast.

    The attraction of host bars can be subtle. Below, she states, she has even more interest from her male companions, more choice as well as, most importantly, more control.

    James has been functioning at Bar 123 for a pair of years. Rather, he informs me, it is all down to the host’s own assessment.

    And that’s why I assumed of opening a bar like this – a kind of dialogue bar.”.